New Game: Defend Your Creep

2014-01-04 03:13:46 by goldleader23

For years, the turrets and towers have waged war on the creeps, but now it's time to take a stand. Take control of a Boss Creep and take out those that would destroy you, in this action/shooter! Game contains 10 waves of increasing(ly ridiculous) enemies, 5 weapons, and 4 in-game achievements.


New game: MAC Escape

2012-03-31 01:23:33 by goldleader23

You're trapped in a room. Who are you? How did you get there? Who cares!? You just need to use your abilities of acquiring and combining materials in order to escape. That shouldn't be any problem for YOU, right?

New game: MAC Escape

New game: Coded Hallway 2

2011-09-07 16:32:23 by goldleader23

After escaping from the Coded Hallway... What's this!? Another hallway? Very strange indeed. It's time to test your code cracking skills once again! Do you have what it takes to make it through the (second) Coded Hallway?

The return of King Buckethead!

TEXTreme Adventure II is the sequel to the most extreme, extreme text adventure ever (TEXTreme Adventure, in case you couldn't figure it out). This time there's a bigger world, more NPCs, more sidequests, more items, more puns, more references, a map, and a boss fight! How extreme is that!

Walkthroughs now available

2010-07-17 19:20:50 by goldleader23

I have now made official walkthroughs for both of my games, "Coded Hallway," and "TEXTreme Adventure." They can be found here:

Coded Hallway walkthrough
TEXTreme Adventure walkthrough

The game I was going to make has been giving me all kinds of problems, so while I sorted them out, I decided to make a text adventure. My next game (an awesome breakout clone), will hopefully come sometime in the next couple months. See ya then :)


Ready for an extreme (text) adventure? I know I am! Prepare yourself for a TEXTreme Adventure! And puns. Lots of puns.
Inspired mostly by Homestar Runner's Thy Dungeonman games, and partly by the Legend of Zelda.

New game in developement!

2009-01-29 21:26:03 by goldleader23

For the few of you who played Coded Hallway, and the fewer still who are reading this, I am making a new game. Before I make Coded Hallway 2, I will be making a series of very unique (at least I hope) clones/remakes, etc. of classic retro games. They will be used to help further my skills with ActionScript, and will hopefully be fun to play, too :). When I get closer to releasing my next game, I'll make a new post, probably with a screenshot. See you then.